What is CAFM?

CAFM (Computer Aided Facility Management)is a computer-aided facility management software system that provides the facilities, real estate and service management industries with a reliable and robust software suite for the efficient management of people, places and processes.

CAFMprovides the perfect platform to consolidate and coordinate multiple property or service disciplines into a single central solution, providing detailed insight into your operations.

  • Deployment of a CAFM system to support the pre-construction installation
  • Digitisation of ongoing construction Integration into CAFM system
  • Digitisation of existing building, institution into CAFM


Innovative 3D surveying and modelling technology, Collection of geometric and graphical data of the facility


Our Digital Twin technology allows you to keep track of changes during the construction process, which will be traceable after the building has been handed over.


Due to the nature of the facility, the building, and the scope of activities, highly efficient CAFM modules can be selected and fully customised during commissioning.


We enable effective CAFM communication and clear information exchange between technical, economic, and legal professionals involved in the operation of the facility.


With the help of the existing CAFM system, any renovation or modification to the premises of the property can be easily carried out and tracked, based on the data collected in a credible, accurate and structured way.

How can we help?
What are the benefits of CAFM systems?

A really good CAFM software allows the facility manager to monitor virtually every aspect of his building. Essentially, CAFM technology combines business administration, behavioural science, architecture, and engineering concepts to optimize the way your organization operates.

Increases business efficiency

Automate routine tasks

Offers remote control to manage processes

Keeps a record of assets and all necessary data

Prepares reports for decision-makers

Helps you track spending and minimise costs

``CAFM, or computer-aided facility management software, is designed to help you efficiently perform the day-to-day tasks of running your facilities.``

CAFM modules

Thanks to powerful configuration tools, our standardised modules can be precisely tailored to your organisation’s unique processes.

What modules support day-to-day facility management?

Do you have a project we can help you with?

Whatever the stage of the project, we offer the most cost-effective solution. And with our CAFM solutions, you can achieve cost-effective facility management.


Photogrammetric documentation

Flight assistants

Photogrammetry is used to photograph the object from different angles with the drone. The image files are transferred to the computer fully automatically by the software and converted into a 3D image, using both mathematics and artificial intelligence.

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BIM model

The BIM Analyser

BIM models and their management can be mentioned as key players in facility management. We now present an innovate software that includes all the functions needed to analyse BIM models and prepare them for future use. This is the BIM Analyser.

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