More than 20 years of 3D engineering experience

Our company has extensive experience in industrial applications, with hundreds of projects implemented in facilities around the world. Nuclear power stations, oil refineries, chemical plants, pharmaceutical factories, film shooting locations, public institutions and even monuments are among our wide range of references.
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With our tools and expertise in precise 3D data collection and processing, we create vector representations, 3D BIM building information models, simulations and 2D base and section drawings according to your needs.

With sustainability in mind, we launched our CAFM Solution business, with the mission to combine graphical and attribute data with the knowledge of facility management software to provide flexible solutions to the problems of facilities under construction and already in operation.

As the world continues to evolve, operators of facilities are also facing new challenges.

We work with accurate, validated and verified data to digitise construction and buildings, which helps us achieve the main goal of CAFM facility management: sustainability, reducing industrial energy consumption and carbon footprint.

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Customer-oriented services

The Burken Ltd. was founded in 1998 with the aim of providing our clients with solutions that are comprehensive and complex

Initially, we undertook reference work at our own cost, and then we did various tasks in the electrical industry. We discovered a niche market in the field of communication and power earthing. We undertook audits of substations and transmission lines, and after several successful diagnostic jobs, we entered the market with a complete solution. We carried out work for MVM, MOL, ELMŰ, MÁV, among others – until a contract resulted in the addition of the Geovision business.

Even the biggest companies may not know what is under the surface

Our research work was crowned with success: we found a rapid geophysical method of soil radar analysis, which has not been commercially applied in Hungary so far. We use ground penetrating radar to search for utilities, investigate the layers of railway embankments, roadbeds, cables under substations and foundations. As well as in the preparation of grounding works in the car park in front of the Parliament building, our company has provided effective assistance in the past.

We consider it a milestone to be involved in archaeological work, we consider it very diverse and colourful. We have also worked in Romania and now we are sure that there are no more treasures in Nagyszentmiklós. 🙂

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3D modelling and BIM systems are now a reality

In 2009, the company decided to expand its profile again, establishing our Laservision division, where we started laser scanning survey and intelligent 3D modelling projects. Shortly afterwards, in order to protect the environment and reduce the greenhouse effect, we were also able to carry out inspections of gas-filled equipment with our Gasvision division. That is important because detecting leaks is not easy, because sometimes they can be colourless, odourless gas, which Burken’s special camera can make visible.

The company is no stranger to innovative ways of combining different fields, such as the combination of geophysical ground penetrating radar and laser surveying.

But Burken Ltd. did not stop there. Ideas and visions are constantly going beyond the present state. As a result, we took another step forward in business in 2014. A new division of Burken Ltd, Ocuplan, was formed, where we develop versatile 3D engineering models from laser scanning surveys and point cloud processing. Whether above and below ground, built or natural environments, our innovative methods of 3D surveying and engineering documentation can meet all your needs!

The main markets for launching the division were Switzerland and Germany, but there was also growing demand in the Hungarian market. Our services are constantly evolving, adding new solutions such as CAFM facility management and extensive support for BIM systems

We are committed to supporting the protection of historic monuments

There are many monuments in our portfolio. In 2012, our company was able to participate in one of the most prominent monument reconstruction programmes in Hungary. The combined result of our architectural, civil engineering, geodetic knowledge and precise technology is that the reconstruction of the “Várkert Bazaar” (Part of Buda Castle) was based on an accurate condition assessment and 3D design documentation. In addition to accuracy, we also identified and documented the anomalies of the building, which supported the work of the heritage conservation professionals. The scale and importance of the project also required that we collected the best value for money and the most accurate data.

After surveying the 11.000m2 area, we also made a model of the Bazaar. This mock-up is now on display in the Parliament for visitors to see.

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Do you want to base your design and operational tasks on credible and accurate engineering data? Are you open to innovative solutions to maximise the efficiency of your project?

Our highlighted references

To date, we have worked on numerous projects where we have been tasked with surveying with a laser scanner and 3D modelling the resulting point cloud. But we would like to highlight a few that we are most proud of!