Whatever the facility, it is clear that one of the biggest challenges is the management of the inventory.

Real estate, land areas and of course technical equipment and systems make up a significant part of the total business assets of most companies and organisations. All of these contribute to overall revenue, so it is essential that they are managed properly.

An optimally maintained database is a prerequisite for efficient work and for all processes to run smoothly. This is especially true when we are talking about a fast and constantly changing environment. However, this often causes problems in the life and operation of organisations and companies.

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What is the best solution?

If this task does not go smoothly, it can cause a lot of headaches for the operator. Even seemingly simple questions such as:

  • How many desks are there in the office building?
  • When does the warranty on air conditioners expire?
  • Which floor has the most computers?

And of course, the list does not end there. What is the solution? The answer lies in the asset management module of the CAFM system, which literally “brings the customer into the frame”! With just a few clicks, we can answer the above and similar questions with accurate data.

Strengths of CAFM asset management

One of the great advantages of the system is that it can be applied to any type of facility. It can be used for an office building, a factory, a hospital or a museum. This fantastic solution for asset management provides validated and classified results in all cases. But what exactly does this mean?

On the one hand, as a user, we receive multiple confirmations of the data of the asset in question. Not only can we view its data table, but we can also retrieve the data attached to it, and in addition we can identify its spatial position both in the model space and in the panoramic image. On the other hand, by selecting the right category, we can always focus on the task at hand, without having to spend a long time fumbling through Excel spreadsheets to find something.

The digitised and flexible application also allows easy capture and direct processing of objects, systems and system components. It is easy to use, transparent, understandable and easy to navigate.

Other positives

In addition, speedikon® C supports us in all portfolio management processes. From the mapping of different properties, buildings and facilities, through the administration of rental contracts, to the calculation of the associated additional costs and the simulation of value enhancements.

As well as simplifying the search, we also have an evaluation function that helps us to make analyses at any time, and the possibility to automatically generate the necessary reports. The system therefore allows us to get a quick and easy overview of all the details of our company’s assets, whether they are small or large. You can also access past information and monitor current changes. It gives you the transparency you need to make informed decisions at any time.

What’s more, thanks to the digital twin, you can even take a virtual tour of the site and get a real picture of local conditions.

Applicable to any type of building

Whatever the type of facility - office building, factory, hospital, museum - the system can be used.

All in one place

In addition to the data table of the asset, you can also retrieve the data attached to it and identify its spatial location.

Targeted search

By choosing the right category, we can always focus on the task at hand.

Simplicity and transparency

The digital and flexible application is easy to use and transparent for everyone.

An all-encompassing picture

Evaluation functions, queries of past data and tracking of current changes help you to always have a complete picture and make good decisions.

Technical options

In addition to voice input, GPS coordinates and built-in sensors, the system provides additional support for smooth operation.

The benefits of ease of use

As mentioned above, the system requires no training to use, as it is easy to understand and learn. In order to greatly simplify the operation and to avoid incorrect entries, the application never “let’s go”, but provides accurate guidance throughout, so there is no possibility of incomplete data entry.

We can record every detail of the current installation very quickly and easily, once we have selected a logical location by geographic or other system, and we can associate other data with it.

For many, the ability to upload data using voice input can be even easier. This avoids tedious and lengthy typing and instead allows you to complete the whole process much more quickly, saving both time and effort.

In addition, we have several other technical facilities at our disposal, also to help you work more smoothly. For example, location tracking using GPS coordinates and the use of built-in sensors. But we also have the possibility to integrate barcodes, QR codes or NFC tags thanks to image recognition algorithms that allow all content to be directly visible and digitised.