The Cleaning Management module ensures efficient, simple and fast work.

Cleaning management is one of the most important basic issues in facilities management. Depending on the type of facility, the complexity of the process can vary widely. Just as with maintenance issues, cleaning protocols are influenced by many factors.

It is also important to know, for example, the characteristics of the room to be cleaned, the types of cleaning machines and cleaning products, the competences of the cleaning staff and the processes for dealing with different problems. If there is a problem with any of these factors, quality assurance problems can arise. These will then be a serious drain on the budget.

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How can we avoid these problems?

The CAFM system’s Cleaning Management module handles all the information listed above easily and seamlessly, even if there is a lot of it. It helps cleaning staff to work efficiently, easily and quickly.

The changing demand for special solutions goes far beyond the classic cleaning protocols. One example is the documentation of cleaning. The configurable online platform offers a lot of positive features in this area, too, allowing you to prepare or even evaluate cleaning processes. The up-to-date documentation makes it easy to produce comprehensive reports and statements for internal and external quality control.

As mentioned above, there are several important details within the cleaning processes that need to work according to precise, pre-defined conditions. Having the details of the cleaning staff, cleaning equipment and the room to be cleaned online is a great help in ensuring transparency. The same can be said for the cleaning rules used to generate the cleaning processes.

Documenting the whole process has many benefits

The main strength of the application is clearly the documentation of the whole process. It makes it easy to identify a room where the cleaning is to be done, specify the type of cleaning, set up the tools to be used, and even display the person who is doing the cleaning. In addition, we can document any errors that occur, which can be a great help in the future. The system also allows you to plan the next operation and to see it already, for example, for a current cleaning machine.

This way, cleaning staff can really focus on the job at hand, as they do not have to do unnecessary searches and there are no unanswered questions thanks to the app. All objects and employees are easily identifiable, and information entry is made quick by selecting predefined entries.

In the background, there are also continuous checks to ensure that the cleaning equipment is suitable for the cleaning of the room, that the worker is competent to carry out the cleaning process, etc. This ensures that everything is in place and that no mistakes occur.

In addition to regular maintenance cleaning, basic disinfection and occasional cleaning are documented in the module. All the relevant data for the cleaning processes are in one place, so you can evaluate them at any time.

Configurable, online platform

Thanks to the up-to-date information, it is easy to produce comprehensive reports and statements.

All information in one place

From the cleaning staff, through the characteristics of the room to be cleaned, to all the details of the cleaning equipment, all the information can be displayed.

Documenting the whole process

All cleaning processes can be easily planned, as all data is kept in one place. In addition, any errors that occur can be documented.

Continuous checks

The system ensures that there is no ``dust in the machine`` by constantly checking that every detail fits together.

Variable data

All related information can be updated and changed continuously. However, once updated, older data remains available.

Cleaning price catalogue

We can easily check or recalculate costs, and even use the data for new tenders.

Other options in the system

In the speedikon® C, not only can we save the above-mentioned data, but additional functions are also available to achieve efficiency. For example, easy retrieval of quantity invoices based on available space. In addition, all the services and information related to cleaning – which cleaning team is working in a given location, what kind of tiling is in the room, etc. – can be continuously updated and changed. – can be continuously updated and changed. Changes are updated automatically, while past cleaning data can be revisited at any time.

The prices negotiated may vary either by cleaning group or by service provider. This is where the so-called “cleaning price catalogue” within the app can help, so that you can always check the costs, but also recalculate them. The system also allows you to create clear evaluation lists and simple diagrams. The data can also be exported to an Excel spreadsheet, so that it can be used later for a new application or passed on to the service provider if they do not have direct access to the system.